Standard System Assessment Includes:

General Business Overview

  • Interview key personnel at your organization, separate business units and their IT system needs
  • Deployment of Agility’s Assessment Software Package (AMP)
  • Measure risks to productivity of business units
  • Discover opportunities for improvement in systems and processes

Existing System Details

There are two different ways Agility can potentially engage with you.  The first way is with a quick network snapshot so we can start the conversation of the best way to help you.  The second way is with our system assessment where we take a deeper dive and help you steer towards the right technology strategy for your business.

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  • Server platform
  • Client protocols
  • End-user access methods


  • Version compliance
  • Patch levels
  • Application consistency across enterprise and across business roles

Line of Business Application (ERP) – may require scope change

  • Central server components
  • End user access methods – installed client software including versioning

Productivity Line of Applications – may require scope change

Physical Infrastructure

  • Battery Backup – capacity, maintenance level, software and communication protocols
  • Wired Network Switches – topology, hardware versions, firmware versions, configuration including VLANs
  • Wireless access – topology, hardware versions, firmware versions, configuration including SSIDs
  • Workstations – hotspot map, inventory and age/supportability analysis


  • Internet connectivity including vendor, capacity, reliability
  • Customer Premises equipment including access hardware and firewall(s), hardware versions and firmware versions

Server and storage Organization

  • Compute capacity
  • Storage capacity and type (hard disk, SSD, SAN, NAS)
  • I/O capacity
  • Host connectivity and capacity

Antivirus, Spam protection, and Malware

  • Endpoint protection for end users
  • Centralized protection for email and file ingress
  • Real time/responsive malware protection

Software Update Policies

  • Microsoft OS and application patching compliance, methods, scheduling
  • Desktop application versioning, update, methods, scheduling
  • Centralized resource patching, including line-of-business support

Back-up Process Review and Documentation

  • Backup purposes – disaster recovery, version retention, protection against corruption
  • Backup method(s) – local, cloud, manual off-siting, including versions and patching of application(s)
  • History of existing method(s) – success rate and notification setup
  • Appropriateness of fit – existing method(s) meeting current requirements?

Let us give you more strategic insight into your own network.

Final deliverables will include a detailed document and meetings to outline the following:

  1. Audit documentation outlining each scope item
  2. Audit Reports
  3. Audit recommendations for each scope section
  4. Meeting to discuss specific findings, outline priorities and best practices.
  5. Recommendations for any other appropriate projects or ongoing support services.
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