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I.T. Services for Advertising, Marketing, and Communications

Agility is familiar with the challenges that communications,  advertising and marketing (CAM) firms face on a daily basis. These businesses rely heavily on technology to reach and serve their clients' needs.   Indicative of tech savvy industries, these firms often use a complex set of technologies both on premise and in the cloud within a streamlined set of business processes to execute their client facing deliverables.

The Support Challenge

Is not uncommon for CAM firms to have significant shifts in staff and work hours as projects and client demands are met.  Consequently, the value of our Help Desk  , 24/7 Monitoring and multiple layers of consultants play in important role to help our clients.  Agility expects very high up-time requirements leading into more sophisticated fail overback-up and disaster recovery needs.  The balance we strike with our people, tools and experience are an ideal mix to support these environments

The Strategy Challenge

Agility provides expertise in designing environments that make use of  data archival processes that compliment Storage Area Networking (SAN) configurations and distributed file systems.  The challenge is to build these environments to balance the performance and data demands while keeping budgets in line.

The Data Challenge

The nature of this business market/vertical dictates that Agility is responsible for the availability, protection and archival of large amounts of diverse data.; Agility also understands the importance of separating the everyday backup and recovery solution to one that manages data archival and affords quick availability of historical data.  In addition, the sheer volume of data can be significant requiring constant monitoring and adjustment.


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    When vetting an I.T. Firm, make sure you know the individuals that work on your systems (remotely or on-site). Agility assigns a Primary Consultant that does 85% of all the computer network system work (on average).


    Ask for references from your potential I.T. services vendor. Make sure they have references within your industry. Many technical skills are transferrable but experience in an industry is invaluable.


    Agility Networks, Inc. does not like to get bogged-down into the costs per hour. An experienced I.T. firm will be able to quote and execute a project for an exact amount. Managing a system is not different, Agility will quote and stand by a "all inclusive single fee" per month rather than an hourly estimate that can vary widely.

Agility Network Services, Inc.

At Agility we strive to know not just your technology infrastructure but also your business as a whole. Our ability to learn and understand your market allows us to help make informed decisions about the direction of all your business technology needs.  Contact us for a discussion and quote for services!


Server Down, Network Down we can help!

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Call today at 1-877-244-5489 or email Agility has been in business for a long time and if you have a need that is not a core competiency, there is most likely a trusted firm we know of that can help.

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