Desktop Virtualization


One of the ambitions of Managed Services, long before it was even called that, was a Virtualized or a Hosted Desktop. The challenge was always to make it an affordable, manageable and consumable service for MSP clients.

After probably 20 years or more of different iterations of candidates that just didn’t quite make the grade, one way or another, the Virtualized Desktop environment has matured far enough to be a viable computing platform. It joins the myriad of other cloud-based services and applications.

WMWare’s VDI product and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS) as well as others, in conjunction with the leaps forward in systems hardware capability and Virtualization technologies, have established a convergence to deliver a Virtualized desktop experience. A company can build the Server(s) to almost any type of personal computing device that has an Internet connection (Tablets, Fablets, Mobile Devices, PCs and so on).

We have been implementing various forms of Virtualized Desktop solutions for about as long as they have been around, but only today is the demand over desire or specific need stepping up the game and delivering it in larger scales and as full computing solutions.