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Why Chose Agility?

Sincere Differentiators to Consider

  • Three Team Tiers

    Agility Networks has built a team of professionals designed to cover all I.T. need of their client’s including Help Desk, Network Consultants, Senior Consultant and vCIOs.  This depth of support is a balance between technical expertise and business insight. 

  • Agreements Very Flexible

    Agility has built flexibility in their agreements and make a commitment to earn good standing with our clients each day.  Meet our Business Development team and see why clients work with as good partners not out of obligation.

  • Efficient Spend

    Agility helps clients look at their I.T. spend holistically as they become the gatekeepers to how clients invest in technology, manage total cost of ownership and ensure technology performs with minimal risk. 

  • Tech E&O Insurance

    When choosing an I. T. partner, make sure they are protected.  Agility has a keen understanding of the risks inherent in I.T and maintains Technology Errors and Omissions  and robust commercial liability policies to protect clients against the unexpected.   

  • Vendor Management

    The task of managing the depth and breadth of I. T. vendors each company relies upon can be a challenge.  Agility assumes the responsibility of managing our clients’ vendor relationships to ensure they are appropriate for their technical needs, budget, and support. 

  • Multi-Industry Experience

    Agility has enjoyed working with clients across every vertical over 27 years.  These years of service have taught Agility that an experienced professional team, best-in-class technology, and well-conceived processes are the formula for serving any client in any industry.   

  • 26 Years Serving Client

    Since 1994, when Agility was founded, the concept of Managed Services and outsourcing I.T. support was in its infancy.  In the following 27 years servicing 100s of clients, Agility stayed in front the latest technology, I.T. System management methodology, Process and the right people. 

  • Accountability

    It’s impertative each client can hold their IT departments accountable. Agility has built process, communications and the visibility into how we support each I.T. environment. Agility clients well informed and benefit from a strong partnership.

  • Ticket Portal

    Agility maintentence tasks, help desk calls, and events related to our clients network are all documented in a well structured ticketing system.   Agility offers clients access to this information via a ticket portal which tracks these activities in near real time. 

  • Technology Agnostic

    To best serve their clients, Agility has remained technology agnostic. Each client has uniques I.T needs which are driven by budget, performance, security among other factors.  Agility has built their team, support technology and processes around this agnostic approach. 

  • 24 / 7 Help Desk and Remote Access

    At the heart of Agility Network’s Managed Services model is their 24/7 Help Desk.  As the first line of defense for most issues, the Agility help desk team often starts the engagement, documents the event, and, most importantly, takes care of the client.   

  • vCIO and Strategic Planning

    Agility vCIO’s can engage with client leadership at various times throughout the year to build log term strategy, help execute on large projects, and ensure technology serves the organization’s needs well. 

  • Agility Management Platform

    The Agility Management Platform is the core set of technologies used to support client networks.  These tools cover the spectrum of purpose including, monitoring, management, patching, remote access, scripting among others key functions centralized for the Agility team to access. 

  • Microsoft Gold Partnership

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Agility has the skills and experience to help clients implement and manage Microsoft technology and manage their ever-increasing licensing demands.  The Agility team helps clients across the entire Microsoft ecosystem of products and services.

  • Agility Partnership

    For over 27 years, Agility has built relationship with firms and technology vendors whose services may be valuable for our clients.  We ensure these entities will deliver on their commitments and represent our interests in taking care of our clients.  

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Managed Services

Simply Pay One Fee – Agility’s Help Desk Calls have No Fee.


I.T. Security

Talk to Agility at any Time for Audit, Project, Pen Testing. As it must be, Security is Interwoven into Every Network Component.


Computer Network Services

SMB or Mid-Market – What an Internal Staff does, Agility can Take on the Repsonsibiity and Accountability (24x7x365).


From The Owner

Agility takes prided in its evolution through tested solutions, documentation, processes, and accountability.From your first day working with Agility, you immediately become the benefactor of Agility’s expertise.

Expertise and experience

Well-suited for Business and Organizations in Size from Ten to One Thousand Users.

Computer Network Administration

Dedicated Single-Point-of-Contact for Accountability of Everything I.T.


Managed I.T. Services offering

From Quick-Deploy M.S.P. Client needs, R.F.P. uploading, or looking for features of an elite M.S.P. operation.


Office365 Gold Partnership

Consulting Services and Field Engineers for needs that span across the dozens of rich interconnected applications


Project Services On-Site & Remote

Peruse the component parts of services offered or use to determine the capacity in which your firm needs Agility to fullfil


Business Continuity

On-Site, Remote, Specifically-Timed Back-Up, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Services


Microsoft Azure Migrations

Migration To and From the Cloud. As a Gold Microsoft reseller, not only license fulfilment, not just services, allows trust in services of strategy or execution post-decision


I.T. system audits and assessments

With your Firms contact information and consent, a copy by email or courior of example audits can be sent and accompanied options available to your business


pen testing services

Most major business-class firewalls (each manufacturer is listed) allows quick-turn on quotes. Processes, pdf forms, and services at-the-ready


Acute I.T. Disruptions

When the unexpected occurs, a call to buiness development routes your firm to correct people for quick turn-a-round I.T. services – should services fit said urgent need


Trusted Chicago Computer Network Services Firm since 1994

Agility Networks, LLC is a Chicago based IT consulting firm that is comprised of the best team of IT consultants in the Chicago area. We have been delivering information technology services and solutions to businesses for over 10 years and continue to provide consultation, implementation, and support services to small and medium sized businesses.

What Separates Agility Chicago Computer Network Consulting

  • The Senior Network Consultants that Carry-out the Chicago I.T. Consulting Tasks Have at Least 15 Years of Experience. years of experience
  • Another Important Part of the Recipe  is Brand Name, Proven Solutions.
  • The Infrastructure Equipment those Solutions are Stacked with Held to the Same Requirements.
  • Where the Users Interact with Technology and where Chicago I.T. Consultants Work, Each Server, Desktop, and Networking Devices Down to the Last Wireless Access Point are Chosen for Their Long-Term Low Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Agility is Broken into Teams of Different Areas of Experience so that Agility can Continue to Grow as a Process-Dependent Firm and Not a Single Person-Dependent Firm (although – the people that make Agility what it is – are its People).
  • All Consultants are Certified on the Solutions on Which they Work.

Client Expections From Agility Chicago Computer Network

  • Security: At the core of the thoughts of the Chicago I.T. Consultants are always that of staving off security threats and vulnerabilities and knowing beforehand what mitigation steps must take place when necessary evolution introduces potential security threats – with every device.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Solutions at every level of the network – with end users, IoT Equipment, Machinery, Wireless Networks that Mesh Over Multiple Floors and Offices, to Each Solution Operating as a Business Function Must be Manageable and not wrought with Service needs. Too many times, the inexperienced Consultant or In-House Staff will Make Short-Term Buying Choices Based on Marketing and Price only to Quickly Outspend a More Expensive Solution that Can Be Set and Forgotten about Except for Procedural Checks.
  • Durability and Dependability Fall Into Place with the Above Items Met – most of the time. There is no sense in spending money for a solution over-and-over again. Further, it is with experience once again, which a Top Notch Chicago I.T. Consultant is able to establish some ‘mean time before replacement’ or in other words – how long a solution will last in the ever-changing technology world for the mid- and small-businesses that rely upon them.

After Agility “On-Boards” a Client What is to be Expected?

Procedures for On-boarding Warrant Approximately 7 Steps

  • Assessment or Audit (not always needed)
  • Quoting
  • Expectation Setting
  • Interview(s) – At Very Least Structured Feedback
  • Proposed Deployment Day
  • Onboard Process Checklist
  • Installation of Additional Quoted Work
  • Step-by-Step Toward Better Management
  • Help Desk Opens for Your Firm
  • Managing / Supporting
  • Compliance Tasks if Needed
  • Training if Appicable (security training)
  • Initial Quarterly Meeting
We strive to protect your corporate data from virus threats, hacker attacks, disasters, etc.Simply call us at 312.775.1398 to set-up an appointment with our sales team or IT consultants at no charge. Allow us to prove our capabilities as a premier Chicago IT consulting firm by providing initial consultation and a system audit free of charge. To setup an appointment or receive a free system audit, fill out the contact form on the side or click here.

Click to See Specifics About Agility’s Chicago I.T Consulting

Each Major Area of Expertise

Business Continuity: Back-Up/Disaster Recovery/Fail-Over – I.T. Security: Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware /Cylance Protect End-Point Security / On-Site MSSP Consulting Firewall Penetration Testing / Cloud Migration Services / Email Migration Services Microsoft Azure Server Migration / Desktop Virtualization / Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) Emergency Network Support / IT Audits & Assessments / Systems Virtualization & Consolidation Hyper-V Vmware Wireless Products / Services Assessments Installation Management Our Extensive Wireless Experience Office 365 Microsoft Office Application Suite Excel/Word/OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Online/Skype for Business/Storage/Visio / Managed Services Provider

(877) 244-5489

Agility Client Feedback and Testimonials

They really helped me get a new Enterprise wireless network up in multi-floor Office. Very dependable and easy to communicate with.

Jason Cocking

Our clients were always pleased with Agility Networks for their managed service needs and IT audits – they even do pen testing.

Craig Andrew Smith

I have worked with [Agility Business Development] for the last several years and he and the team are simply outstanding. Matt brings a level of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the industry. The best thing is Matt delivers what he promises 100% of the time. Great experience every time.

Keith Thoms

What Agility Does

E-Mail Us (877) 244-5489

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Managed Services Provider

Managed Services Provider


I.T. Outsourcing

(877) 244-5489
Why Chose Agility?

Other services Agility Provide

The most well-represented client relationship is with businesses that are looking to either outsource or enhance their IT department.

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    Managed I.T. Services

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    Emergency Network Support

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    Cloud Migration

  • icon-systems-virtual-consolidation

    Virtualization & Consolidation

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    Business Continuity

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    Wireless Products/Services

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    Office 365

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    Desktop Virtualization

Agility Computer Network Services Areas of Experience:

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How Agility Does It


E-Mail Us

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Why Agility?

It has been and will be

People, Tools and Processes

  • Our People

    Experience is Something You Get Right After You Needed It. To ascertaining which firm you should hire for I.T. Consulting, find out about their person-by-person experience.

  • Our Tools

    Agility’s People and Agility’s Processes are Glued Nicely by Using Great Software Well. Consistency in Services from an I.T. Consulting Firm would be impossible without them; some try. PSA Automation, Workflow, Templates, Auto-Fix Client Software.

  • Our Processes

    Following a Systematic Approach to Essentially All Internal and Client-Facing Tasks, Projects, and Goals is Critical to Bring Long-Lasting Value to Every Client.

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Beyond Core Business Cornerstones

( of People, Tools and Processes )


Responsiveness is critical – even the most stable and secured IT networks can develop problems that need to be addressed swiftly. If any part of an organization’s IT systems present a particular challenge, through the use of our tools and processes, we’ll know about it immediately – often before it is noticeable to end-users. We can remotely troubleshoot and begin addressing most issues. In cases where issues need to be addressed onsite, we can quickly deploy the right technical staff for onsite support and issue resolution.

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On-Site I.T. Services

We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients through a mix of on-site network management, our 24 hour help desk and our remote capabilities. Focused on providing cost-effective IT solutions to support the growth and success of your business. Our mission is making sure your systems work as efficiently as possible through the proper people, tools and procedures – not to mention the experience we bring to the table after 22 years in business.

Remote Assistance

Enables end-users to get problems solved quickly. One of the most frustrating experiences for an end-user is making a help request that takes longer to “set-up” than it actually takes to get answered! With remote assistance-enabled tools, a member of the support team can usually be assisting an end-user directly with their workstation nearly as quickly as the end-user can say their name, and company. Remote Monitoring and Management ensures we are keeping your systems up and reliable, but we also stay ahead of most issues that can cause huge headaches.We deliver well managed networks and solutions for small and mid-sized businesses throughout the entire Chicago area. Established networks or entire IT departments benefit from our Managed Services offering. We can schedule regular on-site visits and/or monitor networks remotely. Network Management means something different at every client, so we provide the best possible solution for your business needs.

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  • Managed I.T.

  • I.T. Project Outsourcing

  • Office 365


  • Anti-Virus

  • Main I.T. Security Page

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