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Migration and Management

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Migration and Management

Migration from Using Local or “Normal” Outlook/Exchange Setups to Outlook 365 and Exchange Online

Gathering the information required to create a statement-of-work and develop a migration plan can be protracted and costly. Exchange Online Migrations are a fast solution. Our team can easily determine the full plan and configure the application tools in order to streamline the process for a business.

We can connect to the source server, discover all the users, distribution groups, public folders – and more – with just a single username and password (NOT a username and password for each user!).

Migration projects are planned, quoted, and gone into with eyes wide open and full confidence of migration – and the ability to watch the migrations in real-time.

  • Email Assessment

    The first step in the planning process is to analyze a company’s email environment.
    Starting simply with an e-mail address and password, the web planner determines the email server protocol and settings and assesses system accessibility.

  • Mailbox Discovery

    Goodbye Spreadsheets!
    The application automatically analyzes the source system’s email architecture, normalizes it, and then displays the results. View and edit mailboxes, distribution groups, aliases, and shared mailboxes with minimal effort.

  • Complex Mode

    Easily handle complex email scenarios with no programming required!
    Do advanced migration operations like cross-mailbox data migrations, and advanced email routing in just a few simple clicks.

Server Down, Network Down we can help!

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