Server Migration

Cloud Server Migrations Both TO and FROM the Cloud. Cloud-Based is not always the best for every situation.

Migrating a Server

“Server Migration” is a term that is outdated and does not do the process justice. Servers house data and secure access to a company’s network. They also host applications and share those applications and data. And that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what needs to be deliberated when deciding to migrate a server or do anything to a server for that matter.

Server Migration

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Agility Networks Server Migration Services

We have been performing migrations to the cloud and other places for over 20 years, and take these events seriously

Migrating a Server — depending on its assigned purpose — takes planning, planning and more planning. Daunting as that is, so does just upgrading that server to the next version or new hardware. And a cloud platform opens the flexibility. A business gets on-demand hardware resources. At the touch of a button or an email, a business can add more storage, processors, or memory. There is no reboot, no downtime.

As tantalizing as that is, if that’s not a company’s only server or that server needs to talk to other servers and so on, the planning part comes into play. We provide an orchestrated move to the cloud and help a company decide whether it is an appropriate decision.

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