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Migrating a Server

“Server Migration” is a terms that is outdated and does not do the process justice. Servers house data and secure access to a company’s network. They also host applications and share those applications and data. And that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what needs to be deliberated when deciding to migrate a server or do anything to a server for that matter.

Migrating a Server — depending on its assigned purpose — takes planning, planning and more planning. Daunting as that is, so does just upgrading that server to the next version or new hardware. And a cloud platform opens the flexibility. A business gets on-demand hardware resources. At the touch of a button or an email, a business can add more storage, processors or memory. There is no reboot, no down time.

As tantalizing as that is, if that’s not a company’s only server or that server needs to talk to other servers and so on, the planning part comes into play. We provide an orchestrated move to the cloud and help a company decide whether it is an appropriate decision.

We have been performing migrations to the cloud and other places for over 20 year, and take these events seriously.

Server Down, Network Down we can help!

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