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Chicago I.T. Consulting and Network Management Since 1994

Information Technology Consulting and Outsourcing

Agility Networks, LLC is a Chicago based IT consulting firm that is comprised of the best team of IT consultants in the Chicago area. We have been delivering information technology services and solutions to businesses for over 10 years and continue to provide consultation, implementation, and support services to small and medium sized businesses.

Chicago IT Consulting Network Management

Providing a superior IT service 

small and medium-sized businesses with

superior IT services

prevent from becoming victims

Reduce or Eliminate costly downtime or 

Mitigate security breaches.

exceed client expectations,

The Agility Networks Difference

What Separates Agility Chicago I.T. Consulting?

The strength of our Chicago I.T. consultants revolves around:

  • The Senior Network Consultants that Carry-out the Chicago I.T. Consulting Tasks Have at Least 15 Years of Experience. years of experience
  • Another Important Part of the Recipe  is Brand Name, Proven Solutions.
  • The Infrastructure Equipment those Solutions are Stacked with Held to the Same Requirements.
  • Where the Users Interact with Technology and where Chicago I.T. Consultants Work, Each Server, Desktop, and Networking Devices Down to the Last Wireless Access Point are Chosen for Their Long-Term Low Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Agility is Broken into Teams of Different Areas of Experience so that Agility can Continue to Grow as a Process-Dependent Firm and Not a Single Person-Dependent Firm (although - the people that make Agility what it is - are its People).
  • All Consultants are Certified on the Solutions on Which they Work.

What Can a Client Expect From an Agility Chicago I.T. Consultant?

A Concentration on 3 Core Technology/Solution Metrics:

  • Security: At the core of the thoughts of the Chicago I.T. Consultants are always that of staving off security threats and vulnerabilities and knowing beforehand what mitigation steps must take place when necessary evolution introduces potential security threats - with every device.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Solutions at every level of the network - with end-users, IoT Equipment, Machinery, Wireless Networks that Mesh Over Multiple Floors and Offices, to Each Solution Operating as a Business Function Must be Manageable and not wrought with Service needs. Too many times, the inexperienced Consultant or In-House Staff will Make Short-Term Buying Choices Based on Marketing and Price only to Quickly Outspend a More Expensive Solution that Can Be Set and Forgotten about Except for Procedural Checks.
  • Durability and Dependability Fall Into Place with the Above Items Met - most of the time. There is no sense in spending money for a solution over and over again. Further, it is with experience once again, that a Top-Notch Chicago I.T. Consultant is able to establish some 'mean time before replacement' or in other words - how long a solution will last in the ever-changing technology world for the mid-and small-businesses that rely upon them.

Agility Networks IT Consulting Onboarding


After Agility "On-Boards" a Client What is to be Expected?

Procedures for On-boarding Warrant Approximately 7 Steps

  • Designing
  • Installing
  • Supporting
  • Managing
  • Microsoft Operating Systems and Servers

We strive to protect your corporate data from virus threats, hacker attacks, disasters, etc.

Simply call us at 312-932-0508 to set up an appointment with our sales team or IT consultants at no charge. Allow us to prove our capabilities as a premier Chicago IT consulting firm by providing initial consultation and a system audit free of charge.

To set up an appointment or receive a free system audit, fill out the contact form.

Agility Networks Leading Industry Partners

Agility Looks to Build Experience with Best Hardware/Software Vendors

Frequent problems with cheap solutions and its component parts greatly increases costs to the extent where initial price significantly overshadowed.

About Network Audit Processes

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    Full Network Management On-Site/Remote

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  • VCIO 'S

    These are our most experienced and capable senior staff.   These individuals can engage with management to build strategy, design architecture and manage large complex projects.   They set the pace, lead our team and communicate closely with our clients. 


    These Level 3 Senior team members are the main point of contact and lead technical consultants who manage our client base.  These highly certified and experienced staff can solve problems and manage computer network systems with a high level of efficiency and at a lower cost to clients.


    Our level 2 technical team is the heart and soul of our work with clients, they support most of the day to day interactions with users and support our senior team with projects.


    Ready and waiting to solve your issues, these level 2 consultants are great at engaging with your user base with the remote access and technology to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly. 

Agility Networks Team


Agility partners with your people, your IT vendors, and our extensive network of I.T. partners to support all of your I.T. needs.  As well, as a member of the Trusted Advisor Network, we have access to all the resources you need above and beyond your computer consultant needs.

 A good Computer Consultant ensures that you are using computers and information technology that aligns best with your organizational goals.  So that means you need a trusted professional; a truly educated, and experienced computer consultant.  Most importantly, we speak in non-technical terms that directly relate to your business's success. We listen to you

We help small to medium-sized organizations leverage the best of information technology.  Computers are confusing to many people and seem difficult.  Due to constant technical "advances",  getting a handle on I.T. is a problem.   That's why you need a computer consultant.

Agility Networks Team

I.T. Services We Can Help You With

Agility has been consistently providing services to Small- and Mid-Sized Business of All Types – Corporations and Non-Profits that are nearly Industry Agnostic Horizontal Demographic rather than One or Two Verticals. The network evaluation deploys a scan on a single network segment, gathering technical and network-management-level data on:

Managed Services
Managed Services

Powerful software agents, cyber-protection & network-wide software allowing your firm to have Agility more efficiently automate consistent service delivery through high-end consultants almost immediately. 

More about Managed Services >

I.T. Security
I.T. Security

There is Not One Part of Any Network Including the Users Where Security is Not Top-of-Mind. as Broad as Anti-Virus Desktop Management to High-End Pen Testing.

More about I.T. Security >

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Cloud decisions and execution from highly experienced consultants at Agility are critical for migrations (to/from), secure throughput especially with service quality demands from more devices per employee.

More about Cloud Services >


Backup Solutions, Disaster Recovery and Fail-Over Make-Up Our Business Continuity Approach Template. Agility has outstanding solutions.

More about Continuity >

I.T. system audits and assessments
I.T. system audits and assessments

We offer assessments, services, and features important to leaders such as executive breakdown of risks, outstanding issues, and remediation steps.

More about I.T. System Audits/Assessments >

Microsoft 365
Microsoft O365

From hosted email to complete cloud solutions, we will customize Office 365 for your business needs.

More about Microsoft O365 >

Systems Virtualization & Consolidation

We offer a variety of desktop and server virtualization consulting services that help our clients’ increase their ROI.

More about Systems Virtualization >

IT Emergency
Emergency Support Network

Whether you are an existing client or a small to midsize business looking for immediate service, we can help!

More about Emergency Support>

Wireless IT Services
Wireless Products & Support

Wireless internet working is becoming a ubiquitous component of business environments and has been evolving faster than its copper/wired counterparts.

More about Wireless Support>

Cloud Services
Project Services On-Site & Remote

Peruse the component parts of services offered or use to determine the capacity in which your firm needs Agility to fullfill.


Pen Testing Services

Most major business-class firewalls (each manufacturer is listed) allows quick-turn on quotes. Processes, pdf forms, and services at-the-ready

More about Pen Testing Services >

Acute I.T. Disruptions

When the unexpected occurs, a call to business development routes your firm to correct people for quick turn-a-round I.T. services - should services fit said urgent need.

Microsoft Azure Migrations

Migration To and From the Cloud. As a Gold Microsoft reseller, not only license fulfillment, not just services, allows trust in services of strategy or execution post-decision.

More about Migrations >

Desktop Virtualization

One of the ambitions of Managed Services, long before it was even called that, was a Virtualized or a Hosted Desktop.

More about Desktop Virtualization>

Computer Network Administration

Dedicated Single-Point-of-Contact for Accountability of Everything I.T.

Why Choose Agility

Chicagoland I.T. Consulting Services

  • Experience

    Agility has spent 25+ years consulting clients in Chicago.  This experience has seen the evolution of IT from its infancy to todays advanced technology. This breadth of knowledge is the cornerstone of our I.T. consulting services today!

  • People

    No one thing at Agility is more important than our team. Our long history of supporting clients has taught us that their needs are best served with the best people we can provide.

  • Technology

    Staying in front of technology is our job, especially the tools we employ to serve our clients.  Our Agility Management Platform continues to evolve and offer our team best-in-class technology to serve our clients

  • Process

    "The steps we take today, remove the pains we see tomorrow.” To stay ahead of the challenges of your IT environment we use processes that are built by our team to ensure we don’t miss a thing.

  • Accountability

    "What gets measured, gets done.”  We expect our clients to be well informed and aware of the performance, costs, and risks within their network.

  • Emergency Network Support

    When business has come to a halt and it can’t get a hold of its “IT guy” (or its full time IT person is out of town), we can come to the rescue. We are only one phone call away. 1-877-AGILITY.

Trusted Managed Services Provider in Chicago since 1994

Chicago I.T. Services

Comprehensive I.T. Services for
Mid-Market and SMB Businesses and NFP Firms

Business Continuity: Back-Up/Disaster Recovery/Fail-Over – I.T. Security: Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware /Cylance Protect End-Point Security / On-Site MSSP Consulting Firewall Penetration Testing / Cloud Migration Services / Email Migration Services Microsoft Azure Server Migration / Desktop Virtualization / Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) Emergency Network Support / IT Audits & Assessments / Systems Virtualization & Consolidation Hyper-V Vmware Wireless Products / Services Assessments Installation Management Our Extensive Wireless Experience Office 365 Microsoft Office Application Suite Excel/Word/OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Online/Skype for Business/Storage/Visio / Managed Services Provider