Pen Testing (perimeter / firewalls)

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Pen Testing Perimeter Firewalls

Security of any kind begins with an understanding of your attackers and their approach. Especially in the cyber-security space, attackers are sophisticated and unpredictable. Agility is a more vigilant approach to Penetration Testing Services, designed to mimic the black-hat threats we see gaining access to so many organizations today, then build a plan of action to defend.


About Pen Testing


Penetration testing is a service performed by professional security experts to find the holes in your IT environment externally and Internally. We act like the bad guys and see what we can find before they do. We look at every IP address and use the same technologies and strategies as the hackers to exploit your system's vulnerabilities, if we can find it so can they. We do this to give your organization the information and advice to greatly reduce your data and financial losses. We recommend companies add penetration testing as a regular part of the annual review of the systems and support.


Once our team has finished their analysis and documentation, we will present our findings and recommend steps to better secure your environment. You can take advantage of Agility’s 20+ years of experience building, supporting, and securing networks to make these changes or engage your own team.


Projects may include but are not limited to the following:

Auditing a company’s firewall policies, security posture, compliance demands, and vulnerabilities

Application awareness strategies

Migrating from legacy to modern stateful firewall technologies

VPN planning and implementation

Implementing Unified Threat Management (UTM) tools

Managing security demands across multiple locations

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Nefarious E-mail Filtering Stats

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Nefarious Emails
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0.33% Clean Emails Held Uncessarily
Agility has Blocked
of Nefarious Emails
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of Threats as of 4/31/2021

Newly Discovered Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and I.T. Device Threats

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