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Phishing Testing and Spear Phishing Testing

Security threats come in many forms. Organizations must guard against the technical and social aspects of the Blackhat community. If you have ever received and email asking for information you were probably the subject of a Phishing scheme. Phishing email scams target a huge number of users where objectives are designed to wreak havoc, steal your system access, infect your environment and steal your money. A common threat in 2016 found infections centered on Ransomware catching ill prepared organizations by surprise and asking for ransoms to release access their data.

Phishing Testing

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Agility Networks Spear Phishing Services

Spear Phishing adds a social element to traditional phishing where attacks are targeted at specific individuals using social media and other information sources. These attacks are not as common but very effective as communication and information will have a familiar to the target individual.

Agility will build a specific campaign designed to expose your organization, your IT policy adherence, and a general understanding of these threats by your staff. Subsequent changes in technology, threat detection, and staff training are common next steps to help secure your corporate resources.

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