Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

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Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

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Different Environments

Desktop virtualization separates the desktop environment from the physical client device that is used to access it. It can be used in different environments and business configurations;

  • In distributed environments with high availability requirements.
  • Using Thin Clients to balance latency issues

  • Remote access and Remote Employees
  • Data Security Policies

It is also used as a means of providing access to Windows applications on non-Windows endpoints (including tablets, smart phones and non-Windows-based desktop PCs and laptops).

Remote desktop virtualization can also provide a means of resource sharing in order to distribute low-cost desktop computing services in environments where providing every user with a dedicated desktop PC is either too expensive or otherwise unnecessary.

For IT administrators, this means a more centralized, efficient client environment that is easier to maintain and able to respond more quickly to the changing needs of the user and business.

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