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a particular person/party stole our site and is scamming peoplea government agency has an open case file. Please help us help many. We are victims too. There is an Internet IC3 form you can search for and fill-out against them. You can call our offices during normal business hours Central Standard Time GMT-5.

(we) Agility Network Services, Inc. is NOT associated with a site doing nefarious things who has spoofed and hijacked our name as part of a scam; a government US agency is working on it.

I cannot put the site name in public view at this time


Our firewall has sent you to this page with the help of large organizations tracking traffic and referrals.

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Call today at 1-877-244-5489 or email Agility has been in business for a long time and if you have a need that is not a core competiency, there is most likely a trusted firm we know of that can help.

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