Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

Desktop Virtualization


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a different way to think about the desktop.

The desktop becomes a hosted, dedicated workspace. The workspace can be hosted in private, public or hybrid environment, but the users have access to all of their applications and data the same way they left it and from any secured location.

Desktops still running and remembering the exact state from the end of the last session is still a somewhat new concept that everyone is still getting used to. Being able to log off and log on to their desktop from multiple devices users can pick-up where they left off without the restrictions of a physical machine in one location.

Our goal is to balance the end-user’s ability and need to control the desktop and computing environment with the reality of a low-cost, scalable and secure platform for the end-user. The explosion of high-performance hyper-converged infrastructure offerings and a plethora of new cost-effective options in the field of storage technology have mostly solved the infrastructure performance issues that plagued early VDI installations.