Wireless Products/Services


Wireless Products/ Services

Wireless internetworking is becoming a ubiquitous component of business environments and has been evolving faster than its copper/wired counterparts. Luckily, security has become confident and reliable, and the management of usage and performance is now readily available. Now, companies can install wireless warehouse inventory control or guest access in a waiting room or a boardroom. Companies now rely on it as a part of getting their work done. It is no longer a “nice to have” “add on” to a wired environment.

Furthering the expansion of wireless networking is the Bring Your Own Device culture in some industries as well, which in many cases makes wireless the most comprehensive solution for the mobile devices that many people prefer to work from. This again has forced the manufacturers of wireless technologies to produce highly capable and secure wireless access to their internal networks.

We have been designing and deploying wireless solution since its commonplace introduction in the late 90’s

Always taking business case, rational and security into account, long before recommending it to supplant a wired network.This still being the case today. However with speeds ever increasing, phenomenal encryption protection and network security integration, we implement them regularly as components of networking and office strategies, as business become more and more dynamic in their ways of conducting their business.