Managed Services Provider Chicago

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Managed Service Provider Chicago

Agility has been consistently providing services to Small- and Mid-Sized Business of All Types – Corporations and Non-Profits that are nearly Industry Agnostic Horizontal Demographic rather than One or Two Verticals.

Experience has shown a great deal of Solutions Experience and I.T. Management Experience transfers well across this horizontal. Agility is focused on Microsoft-Based technology as a Managed Services Provider but also has a Spectrum of Abilities that is Wide with Depth – Pen Testing Across 10 Types of Firewalls for instance.

Twenty-Five Years in Business with an ethos of *not* everything to everyone with I.T. needs – but against the tide, and to favor the working and living balance of the Team, Agility Searches for: Business and Organizations with needs in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, Generally Reliant on Certain Technologies in the Category of Each Engagement.

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Chicago IT Managed Service Provider

Business Continuity

Backup Solutions, Disaster Recovery and Fail-Over Make-Up Our Business Continuity Approach Template. Agility has Outstanding Solutions.

Remote Virtual Consulting

Off-Site Consulting or Virtual Consulting has Fast Forwarded in Need Since 2020. Our Senior Network Consulting Engineers, Network Engineers, vCIO’s and Help Desk Have Proved.

Immediate I.T Help

Call Now. See if We Our Skills Fit the Issues. We can Direct You a Technical Engineering Conversation or Help Find Another Partner Better Suited. (877) 244-5489

On-Site Consulting

On-Site Hourly Consultation, Projects and Strategy.

Help Desk 24 x 7 x 365

No Charge for Managed Services Fixed-Fee Clients. We’re Here When You May Need Us. (877) 244-5489

Business Continuity

Backup Solutions, Disaster Recovery and Fail-Over Make-Up Our Business Continuity Approach Template. Agility has Outstanding Solutions.

Agility MSP Services: Main Benefits

Computer & Server Remote Monitoring and Management Agent

Automated Maintenance
Network Assessment
Vendor Management
Tech E&O
On-Site Consulting
Remove Consulting
Experienced & Certified
Monthly Fixed-Fee
Outside Fixed-Fee
24x7x365 Help Desk
Ticket Information
Client Portal
Service Level Agreement
Short-Term Agreement

Agility Managed Service Provider Offering

A granular list of what is included through a non-exhaustive list. This list is more specifically tied to the remote monitoring and management threat protection. Information found further down such as Agility Network Services Client Information Portal listed in the next section.

Agent-based capabilities begin immediately upon deployment and activation of your Client-Specific Policies. Reporting of mitigation of threats available upon request.

(hour-by-hour, month, and year)

  1. Client-Specific Maintenance and Scan Schedules
  2. Network Assessment Services (as pre-Client or Client)
  3. Virtualization Technology implementation Support and Managemen
  4. Strategic Support Teams / vCIO strategic support
  5. Work Type-Specific Consulting Teams
  6. Project management and execution teams
  7. Office 365 Licensing Consulting and Procurement
  8. Vendor Management for Hardware and Software
  9. Vendor Management for each I.T. Niche Including Internet-Based SaaS and Vendors Needed “Remote Hands”
  10. All Cloud Infrastructure or Cloud Operating Systems
  11. (co-location, VPN’s, disparate users, disparate Web-Connected Business Unit Needs)
  12. Cloud Computing Migrations Planning, Implementation, and Cloud Infrastructure Management.

Industry-Leading Functionality Performance (PDF of Report Available on Demand)

  1. Constant Realtime Endpoint Protection
  2. Internet Browser and Operating System Shield
  3. Virus Threat Shield
  4. Malware Threat Shield
  5. Heuristics Threat Protection
  6. Self-Protection Ensure Continuous Protection
  7. Realtime Shield
  8. Behavior Shield Analysis of Each Application
  9. OS Core Shield
  10. Web Threat Shield
  11. Identity Shield
  12. Data Monitor All Outbound Ports
  13. Untrusted Process Monitoring
  14. Windows Firewall Integration
  15. Inbound Traffic Threat Shield
  16. System Optimization (reg, OS Cleanup)
  17. Clean Integration into PSA
  18. Agility Professional Services Automation Alerting and Report

(on-site, virtual OS, and Cloud-Based)

  1. Help Desk 24 x 7 x 365
  2. On-site Support Services
  3. Remote Support Services
  4. Threat Protection and Reporting in Agility PSA*
  5. Issues Resolution Documentation Available
  6. Ticket Escalation Processes per SLA per Type
  7. Completed Ticketing Reports
  8. Real-Time, at all times, Remote Monitoring
  9. On-Going Growth of Automated Mitigation Scripts
  10. Windows licensing expertise
  11. Third-Party application upgrade services
  12. Full Scripting Capabilities
  13. Real-Time Network Traffic Monitoring
  14. Documentation Technology
  15. Asset Management (Stock and Client-Tailored)
  16. Workstation Antivirus / Antimalware Threat Management

Industry-Leading Functionality Performance (PDF of Report Available on Demand)

  1. Optional Management for All Endpoints of Infrastructure Devices
  2. Firewall Monitoring and Management of External Threats

Agility Managed Services: Main Benefits

Confidential and Not Shared

Starting with Comforting Paperwork

Fill-out Form of Basic Info

Est. 3 Minutes

Deployment Type

Choose Engagement and Deployment Preferences and Necessities


Now or Yesterday? Choose a day/time here for Virtual or to Shake Hands

Fix on the Fee

Agree on Fees

Easiest Out in the Business



It’s One Week Maximum. Mostly Technical. Short Interviews.

Business Review

Agility does the Hard Work. Starts the Accountability by Setting Baseline

Help Desk Open

Fix Fee: All Free


Perform, Finish, Discuss and Projects

Client Portal Opens

Check on Things 24×7

Quarterly I.T. Reviews

Agility Helps Your Firm Hold Agility Accountable

Agility Presents and Listens

There are Endless Ways to Continuous Improvements


Agility Continues to Work to Keep Your Business

A granular list of individual steps are listed. Services are rendered as consistently as any process, budget, and system-state allows at the beginning of an engagement. Engaging with Agility has been made as systematic as possible. You may not need to stand up.

Agent-based capabilities begin immediately upon deployment which are tailored to your needs. There are many Client-Specific changes that are made but can be handled through a single pane of glass.

FAQ Managed Services Provider Chicago

The Questions Agility Networks Receive on Managed I.T. Services. Please ask if you don’t see it so the list can continuously broaden with notable or frequent questions.

Managed Services are when a firm like Agility takes over the management of your computer network. The Agility team watches and manages your network using the latest monitoring and management tools. Our staff includes a help desk, staff consultants, Senior Consultants and vCIO’s to address the entire scope of your IT needs.

Under Fixed-Fee and Standard Service Level Agreement – the answer is ‘everything’ with the exception being things that are ‘new’ – see the next FAQ for more information on definition of new.

Items that are placed under management where the onus is on Agility that were previously not there – or ‘new’ to I.T. at your Firm. Good examples of some things that are new are: a new office, new employees, or implementing new software (to name three). The goal is simplicity. Any charges outside the Fixed-Fee must be authorized by the Client beforehand.

Yes, send an email to our business development department or click this to get to a form you can fill-out and note you’d like a draft SLA. Agility is not overzealous in following-up from sales – nor will Agility sell contact information.
Yes, send an email to our business development department or click this to get to a form you can fill-out and note you’d like a draft MSA. Agility is not overzealous in following-up from sales – nor will Agility sell contact information.

When support and management calls into our full-time employee staffed help desk are free of charge, Client and Agility GOALS ARE ALIGNED. 

The better managed your system, the fewer the number of calls.

Under a fixed-fee, Agility is rewarded for working to lessen the noise of the I.T. network. 

Other firms have trouble with this due to hundreds of things Agility has experience in over the past 25 years.

USE AGILITY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO, NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO.Is what Agility touts. There are ‘outs’ in our shorter-term fixed fee agreements than the competition.

The agreements are ‘easy in’ as well – meaning: it is possible to hire Agility on a per hour basis until you are comfortable with such a large amount trust put upon an I.T. firm or MSP/MSSP such as Agility Networks.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Services

Remote Network Mgt
24 Hour Help Desk
Anti-Virus & Anti Malware
More Managed IT
Agent Core 2FA
AMP Enterprise
MSP Cost Calculator
Managed Services

Nefarious E-mail Filtering Stats

Agility has blocked
100% of Nefarious Emails
False positive rate
0.33% clean emails held uncessarily

Vulnerabilities, Exploits, And IT Device Threats

Received and logged
628 New common vulnerabilities and exploits IT Device threats
Number of zero-day exploits
100% Attended to immediately

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