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Business Continuity Services

A Balance Between Risk, Budget and Effectiveness

The business decisions surrounding backup, DR, and Fail-over are not easy to make. We have worked with clients for over 20 years to build the right solution for the right scenario. There must be a balance between risk, budget, and effectiveness — core concepts we will discuss before recommending a specific strategy.

Business Continuity

Providing a superior IT service 

small and medium-sized businesses with

superior IT services

prevent from becoming victims

Reduce or Eliminate costly downtime or 

Mitigate security breaches.

exceed client expectations,

Business Continuity Importance


Backing up business data serves three needs – protection from catastrophic loss; protection from accidental mishap; and protection from individual corruption

A major component of our Agility Management Platform (AMP) provides industry best-of-breed local data backup.

We back up anything from images of entire systems down to specifically targeted files and folders that can be protected and stored locally. That enables quick restoration that addresses many of the scenarios where the three needs for backup typically arise.

In addition, the on-site backup capabilities provided in AMP can be supplemented through the use of our additional off-site backup capabilities, should the business need to be presented.

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