Wireless Network Assessments

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Wireless Assessments & Projects

Wireless implementations need a Site Survey (wireless needs assessment), to establish what will be needed to fit a company’s wireless needs. It is also not unusual that a company’s old wireless setup cannot just be upgraded to newer devices and achieve the same or better service.

Wireless Network Assessments

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Wireless Site Survey

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A Site Survey is a relatively simple activity, but time-consuming in larger spaces or structures with thick walls, electromagnetic interference or a myriad of items that can impede Wireless Networking performance. That is why it is a must do prior to proposing an investment of any kind into a wireless deployment.

To do the assessment, we literally walk, climb and move about the environment with specially configured access point(s), a portable device and software and collect data to determine where and what devices need to go and map them out. We determine a specific customization of the device or configuration that may be needed for certain areas. Then we put together a comprehensive solution for a company’s needs.

Like any project, we believe to measure twice and cut once!