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About Agility I.T. Services and I.T. Areas of Expertise



Since 1994 Agility has been providing I.T. Computer Network Services to SMB and Mid-Market Firms (for profit, non-profit, and organizations alike).

Two offices - headquartered in the Chicago.

Agility provides the I.T. Services above across the Midwest as I.T. becomes less bound to geography every day.



Full Outsourcing: Strategy to 24 Hour Helpdesk.

I.T. Projects (see a list of Agility Networks I.T. Specializations).

Staff Augmentation.

Agility is not a Recruiting Firm or 'Subcontractor' (from Help Desk to vCIO Services everyone is Full-Time)



Each one of these areas has three or four sub-items so that you can read and see our information on the exact area where you are seeking additional help from an outside source like Agility. Below they have been listed-out so you can jump directly to the information you need.

  • Microsoft Gold Windows and Devices

    The Cloud Platform competency is designed for partners to capitalize on the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure.

  • Microsoft Silver Application Integration

    The Application Integration competency recognizes partners and developers who integrate unique applications and solutions into various products across the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform

    The Cloud Platform competency is designed for partners to capitalize on the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure.

  • Microsoft Silver Datacenter

    The Datacenter competency recognizes partners who are transforming data centers into more flexible, scalable, and cost effective solutions.

  • Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

    The Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency helps you to create your brand as a partner specialized in selling and deploying Office 365 or Dynamics 365 solutions to small and midsized businesses.

Proud Distinctions with Quality of Services at its Core

99% of everything that Agility offers and performs in the field or remotely including Help Desk is accomplished with Full Time Employees (quite a bit of separation in the marketplace with that first item).

  • ZERO "Finger Pointing" During the Most Complex of Times.
  • Ease of Sharing Responsibilities through Geographic Concentration
  • Sharing Responsibilities Forces other Positive Accountability Issues.

Agility Computer Network Services in a Paragraph

Information Technology Services, I.T. Services or Outsourcing are broad terms; descriptions are rife with seemingly ulterior synonyms.

Synonymns not withstanding, Agility Networks is on Earth to provide I.T. Services (in nearly all capacities) that are more efficient, more robust, and take fewer resources/money to operate over the lifespan of the solution(s) we are asked to bring forth to Clients. We work best with Small and Mid-Sized in the Midwest and Agility is headquartered in Chicago.

About Agility

Running Strong with Well Over 26 Years in Business
Focus on Clients in SMB / Mid-Market
Client sizes have increased benefitting all Client
Staff Experience, Ethics, Collaboration, Client Advocation - Further Separates Competition
Justified Demands for Ever-Evolving I.T. Management Solutions Benefit Client Base
Agility Processes, Standards, and Accepted Protocals Ensure Consistent Service Delivery

Areas of I.T. Speacialization

Business Continuity

Wireless LAN - WiFi - 802.11xx Services

I.T. Security Services

I.T. System Audits and Assessments

Virtualization and Systemization

I.T. Outsourcing Services

Managed I.T. Services Provider

I.T. Security Services

Cloud Migration Services

Microsoft Office, Azure, Cloud

About Agility

Agility has been consistently providing services to Small- and Mid-Sized Business of All Types – Corporations and Non-Profits that are nearly Industry Agnostic Horizontal Demographic rather than One or Two Verticals.

Experience has shown a great deal of Solutions Experience and I.T. Management Experience transfers well across this horizontal. Agility is focused on Microsoft-Based technology as a Managed Services Provider but also has a Spectrum of Abilities that is Wide with Depth – Pen Testing Across 10 Types of Firewalls for instance.

Twenty-Five Years in Business with an ethos of *not* everything to everyone with I.T. needs – but against the tide, and to favor the working and living balance of the Team, Agility Searches for: Business and Organizations with needs in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, Generally Reliant on Certain Technologies in the Category of Each Engagement.


Agility Networks Approach

Secure, Efficient, Robust and Lower Total Cost of Ownership to Agility Clients

Look for Agility and each team member to fortify I.T. solution strategy in every area of experitse in which services are provided to share knowledge of what solution options exist, how each vendor's product differs in their success in real-world environments. The aligned goals are to keep costs low over the life-cycle of the product, solution, or software being purported as the best fit by Agility staff and hence Agility as a whole.

The most efficient spend for Clients is rarely the cheapest price tag for upfront costs - the amount of support, Client time, Client network downtime, and loss of credibility of all involved for any one particular solution can be a staggeringly high number - far surpassing a robust, proven, manageable product or solution initial price tag and deployment cost.

Use Agility Because Your Firm Wants to, Not Because You Have To

“perfect client experience.” We are 110% committed to delivering the highest level of customer service. How do we achieve great customer service you may ask? The answer is simple — we listen, we care, and we listen some more. We are always quick to respond and have your best interest at mind. We will continually add value by helping you define your goals, strengths and weaknesses at every step. We will even remember everything you ever said without taking notes. Ultimately, we want to do the thinking for you (without you having to ask) when it comes to your technology needs.

Agility Networks Team

Well-Suited Experience Catalyzes Great Client Relationships

Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Great Talent Leads to Great Client Relationships

Midwest-based all, Agility team members are of a caliber that takes a great deal of energy to find. Hundreds if not thousands of connections through our hiring systems result in finding people with the exact experience that adds to the whole. Each of whom are offered a position are looked to be retained ad infinitum. Agility only hire and retain the best fitting talent with practical experience that makes Agility a better company with each offer accepted. Period.

It is through our very methodical hiring process that we are able to find the most qualified consultants. Agility field processes and documentation built by the operations consulting staff keeps accountability and service levels at industry-leading levels. Each consultant is accredited or certified for the  I.T. solutions on which each consultant works. Agility and team members are aligned in continuous learning and having vendor-agnostic ears open for the most robust, efficient, manageable technologies to the greatest extent possible as the industry creates new solutions literally every day.

Keeping Your Business Needs and Agility Team Goals Aligned

Your Business Needs, Agility, and the Agility Team Goals Aligned Through Experience

Agility strongly believes that a sharp focus on keeping the total cost of ownership of I.T.  solutions for Clients low will ultimately help our Clients operate, compete, and thrive. This low total cost of ownership more frequently has higher price tags for aquisition and deployment - yet result in significantly less upkeep, downtime, support, time, and frustration (to name a few important variables of I.T. solutions cost factors) throughout the lifecycle. 

Agility Networks Processes

A Known Quantifiable Benefit of Outsourcing with the Correct Firm

Your Business can Tap Into Agility Networks 25 Years of Experience.

It is one of the quantifiable benefits of outsourcing - an immediate addition to your business of I.T. knowledge to be adopted in a capacity, speed, and depth of involvement comfortable to your business. 

25 Years of Evolution and Continuous Process Improvement

The methodologies of continuous improvement require great people to indoctrinate repeatable procedures for continuous Service Levels to Clients.

There are firms that squander this time and may be in business for as many years yet have one year of experience twenty-five times over - which will not meet the continuous demand for a higher service level at a lower cost to the Client.


Call to See if Agility Can Help:

"Engagement Types" May Change, Agility Does not

Agility offers and provides services where we take full responsibility for the agreed-upon management of your entire I.T. system - whereby we consistently meet and bring solutions, not questions. Cancel any time.


Agility will also work in cooperation with existing staff, existing plans, or existing solutions that are maintained otherwise. Agility will still look to bring spill-over benefits and do as much thinking towards a more manageable systems but under the terms where there is a finite separation of two or more parties.


Projects that fall Under One of these Categories (which should be the Lion's share of SMB and MID-Market solutions needs (from a technical standpoint)

Engagement Types:

  1. Hourly: Immediate, RFP Response, “Start Slowly and Build Upon Success”, No Lock-In Contracts. Use Agility Because Your Business Needs Agility, Not Because You Have To. –
  2. Full I.T. Management: Agility Cares for Everything I.T.
    1. One Fixed Cost
    1. By the Hour at an Agreed Upon Frequency
  3. Projects: Quoted by The Solution or Statement of Work, RFP, or Other
  4. Security Pen Test, Vulnerability Assessments, People Hacking, Other
  5. Point Solutions: Cylance, Webroot, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Wireless Surveys
  6. vCIO Engagements


Call to See if Agility Can Help:


We aspire to build and maintain long lasting relationships with our clients as a strategic partner that adds value by reducing technology costs, increasing revenue or both.