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Agility Network Services, Inc. Executive Overview

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Executive Overview of Agility Network Services, Inc.

Agility has been consistently providing services to Small- and Mid-Sized Business, Corporations, and Non-Profit Entities since 1994. Clients large and small span across business demographics allowing Agility to be nearly industry agnostic. Each vertical such as finance, legal, AEC, design, manufacturing, NPOs, healthcare, software development, real estate to name a few have tailored needs in addition to specific line of business.

Agility Network Services, Inc. provides
Outsourced IT Services in the Form of:

Agility has proven abilities across the spectrum described and listed, see Why Agility and Differentiating Factors pages.

Experience has shown a great deal of Solutions Experience and I.T. Management Experience transfers well across this horizontal. Agility is focused on Microsoft-Based technology as a Managed Services Provider but also has a Spectrum of Abilities that is Wide with Depth – Pen Testing Across 10 Types of Firewalls for instance.

Twenty-Five Years in Business with an ethos of *not* everything to everyone with I.T. needs – but against the tide, and to favor the working and living balance of the Team, Agility Searches for: Business and Organizations with needs in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, and the Midwest are all generally reliant on certain technologies such as security, business continuity, and help desk.

    • 99% of everything that Agility offers and performs in the field or remotely including Help Desk is accomplished with Full Time Employees (quite a bit of separation in the marketplace with that first item).
    • ZERO "Finger Pointing" During the Most Complex of Times.
    • Ease of Sharing Responsibilities through Geographic Concentration
    • Sharing Responsibilities Forces other Positive Accountability Issues.
  • Running Strong with Well Over 26 Years in Business.
  • Focus on Clients in SMB / Mid-Market.
  • Client sizes have increased benefitting all Client.
  • Staff Experience, Ethics, Collaboration, Client Advocation - Further Separates Competition.
  • Justified Demands for Ever-Evolving I.T. Management Solutions Benefit Client Base.
  • Agility Processes, Standards, and Accepted Protocals Ensure Consistent Service Delivery.
  • Business Continuity
  • Wireless LAN - WiFi - 802.11xx Services
  • I.T. Security Services
  • I.T. System Audits and Assessments
  • Virtualization and Systemization
  • I.T. Outsourcing Services
  • Managed I.T. Services Provider
  • I.T. Security Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Microsoft Office, Azure, Cloud

Comprehensive I.T. Services for Mid-Market and SMB Businesses and NFP Firms

Agility has been consistently providing services to Small- and Mid-Sized Business of All Types – Corporations and Non-Profits that are nearly Industry Agnostic Horizontal Demographic rather than One or Two Verticals.

Managed Services

Powerful software agents, cyber-protection & network-wide software allowing your firm to have Agility more efficiently automate consistent service delivery through high-end consultants almost immediately. 

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I.T. Security

There is Not One Part of Any Network Including the Users Where Security is Not Top-of-Mind. as Broad as Anti-Virus Desktop Management to High-End Pen Testing.

More about I.T. Security >

Cloud Services

Cloud decisions and execution from highly experienced consultants at Agility are critical for migrations (to/from), secure throughput especially with service quality demands from more devices per employee.

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Backup Solutions, Disaster Recovery and Fail-Over Make-Up Our Business Continuity Approach Template. Agility has outstanding solutions.

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I.T. system audits and assessments

We offer assessments, services, and features important to leaders such as executive breakdown of risks, outstanding issues, and remediation steps.

More about I.T. System Audits/Assessments >

Microsoft O365

From hosted email to complete cloud solutions, we will customize Office 365 for your business needs.

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Systems Virtualization & Consolidation

We offer a variety of desktop and server virtualization consulting services that help our clients’ increase their ROI.

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Emergency Support Network

Whether you are an existing client or a small to midsize business looking for immediate service, we can help!

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Wireless Products & Support

Wireless internet working is becoming a ubiquitous component of business environments and has been evolving faster than its copper/wired counterparts.

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Project Services On-Site & Remote

Peruse the component parts of services offered or use to determine the capacity in which your firm needs Agility to fullfill.

Pen Testing Services

Most major business-class firewalls (each manufacturer is listed) allows quick-turn on quotes. Processes, pdf forms, and services at-the-ready

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Acute I.T. Disruptions

When the unexpected occurs, a call to business development routes your firm to correct people for quick turn-a-round I.T. services - should services fit said urgent need.

Microsoft Azure Migrations

Migration To and From the Cloud. As a Gold Microsoft reseller, not only license fulfillment, not just services, allows trust in services of strategy or execution post-decision.

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Desktop Virtualization

One of the ambitions of Managed Services, long before it was even called that, was a Virtualized or a Hosted Desktop.

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Computer Network Administration

Dedicated Single-Point-of-Contact for Accountability of Everything I.T.