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Business Challenges we hear from our Clients:

Authentication Security and Streamlining

Agility Management Platform contains a platform that delivers secure, automated access with integrated single sign-on, password management, and multi-factor authentication.

    • Inefficient, expensive, and unsecured identity and access management can significantly impact a business’ bottom line
    • Managing passwords is time consuming
    • Users pick weak passwords, and continuously forget them
    • Passwords alone are insecure, yet alternatives are often expensive
    • AuthAnvil can help you improve your identity and access management (IAM) practices, improve the security of your login process, and improve the efficiency of password related tasks as a whole.

Identity Services - Client Information Security

Every Agent Secured

All Applications and Cyber Tools Secured

Asset Data Transmitted is Encrypted

All Asset and Performance Data Held is Encrypted


No Client Data is Not Collected or Held by Agility

A very fundamental distiction between "Client's Information" and "Performance Data" is an important distinction to communicate. In the normal operating processes of managing a network, Agility creates a specific user with administrative privledges to facilitate I.T. systems and computer network devices. Network user names and passwords with such priveledges also have multi-factor authentication to further protect information.

Agility creates a separate user so that there is a audit entry for all services and tasks that are performed. The granularity of the auditing can be modulated in a slew of ways across different applications. Enforcement of policies and privelges is an expected area of expertise for Agility to apply generally accepted industry standards.

As with many systems - not just I.T.-related - proper management often needs unfettered access to all components of the system.

Documentation of what has been completed or worked upon, generally accepted industry operating procedures, with ethical standards adherent to - and correlate with the high levels of abilities.

Essentially, Clients can be assured, not only from software & cyber-tools with limits and/or non-existent abilities or reasons to do so - it is almost universally true that "performance, status, and regulatory data" is needed, collected or used - not "human-generated & client-owned information".

Further, it is this valuable "information" that is relevant to technology errors and ommisions coverage that Agility is vetted and underwritten for as it pertains to clients, loss of value due to the difference described above.

In short, Agility may be ever-diligent on making sure your company's mailboxes are backed-up but does not need to unpack layers to view the contents of even a single email (unless that is what the actual client-directed task happens to be).

Server Down, Network Down we can help!

Agility Computer Network Services Infographics of Continuous Management

Nefarious E-mail Filtering Stats

Agility has Blocked
Nefarious Emails
In the Last
Days. Agility has blocked
False Positive Rate
0.33% Clean Emails Held Uncessarily

Newly Discovered Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and I.T. Device Threats

Recieved and Logged
New Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits I.T. Device Threats
Agility Addressed
as of 4/31/2021
Number of Zero-Day Exploits
Attended to Immediately

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