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Chicago MSP Cost Estimator

Fixed Fee Calculator

The following items are included (in fact, it's easier to describe what isn't included*):

  • Fixed-fee means you do not pay one penny more than agreed upon.
  • On-site time is still a big part of properly proactively managing business technology and there is no additional charge for it.
  • Responsibility is on Agility to keep system proactively managed, attended to and responded to 24/7/365.
  • “All You Can Eat” 24/7/365 Help Desk is included; the Help Desk is run by our Senior Network Consultants.
  • 24/7/365 Help Desk is NOT Outsourced or Offshored.
  • Quick Remote Access tools without Compromising Security/Privacy
  • No long-term commitments; cancel any time (be our client because you want to, not because you have to).
  • No Trip Charges, no travel fees, no parking fees, no need to worry about "minimun on-site hourly charges"; it's all included.
  • Full implementation of extremely comprehensive managed services agents on every server, workstation and critical device.
  • Full Spam protection solution for entire organization is part of fixed-fee.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews are conducted and also fall within fixed-fee.
  • Monthly Reporting of system health.
  • No additional charge even for major system problems or outages.
  • Agility employs full-time, Industry Certified, Senior Network Consultants ONLY.
  • Best-of-Breed partnerships, solutions, software, and hardware are utilized.
  • Primary and Secondary Senior Network Consultants are assigned to your business (we stive for extremely low rotation of the staff that manages your account and computer network systems).
  • Agility carries Technology Errors and Omissions Coverage for yet another level of protection for clients.
  • Agility handles all vendor management (such as upgrades to your line of business application).
  • Agility has specific knowledge in many industries; please see our 'clients' section for more information.

Number of offices including your main office?

Number of Servers?

Server brand(s)?

Approximately what % of the servers are under warranty?

Number of Workstations

Workstation Brand(s)

Approximately what % of the workstations are under warranty?


What percent of the workforce wants to work remotely?


In your opinion, how much critical data do you have (this allows some indication of backup solution needs/management)?

Total estimated Monthly Management Fee (with auto-pay credit card on file;cancel any time)
System Discovery fee (full business/technical analysis with deliverables)

We are available to discuss this form and these numbers at any time at (877)-AGILITY/(877)-244-5489

Among the most frightening aspects of hiring a technology services firm are the fees. How much will it cost; especially if the firm touts itself as high-end? What will I be billed for? What prevents the firm from surprising me with an invoice full of items that I did not know were being worked on? Will I be stuck with this firm with a long-term contract (or by simple knowledge entrenchment)? This calculator is for estimation purposes only. Some clients prefer Time and Materials billing as opposed to fixed-fee agreements.

Agility is capable of quoting and setting expectations in both cases and relies on client preference as to the decision on this underlying accounting vehicle. Questions or issues with this form? Call us at 877-AGILITY. In the first 12 years of Agility's business life, fixed-fee was very difficult to present. Every computer network system had its own personality and complexity that was very difficult to manage. Much of the technology was so new, it was almost impossible to apply best practices and be assured that no party involved would be surprised with unexpected hourly charges - it was only a question of which party would pay for the surprise.

Technology has matured, systems are more stable, management tools are much more advanced, integration of disparate systems are more reliable, and (most importantly) great people with specific experience are able to apply time-tested practices to allow a fixed-fee proposition where both parties have fewer (if any) and lesser surprises.

*Fine Print:

  • Initial work on a time and materials basis may be needed to bring the network up to reasonable standards/managability.
  • We ask that you keep hardware under warranty and software under maintenance agreements (businesses should do this regardless).
  • We will charge for significant issues caused by client (such as a disgruntled employee deleting data and thus needing to spend extensive time to recover data, an office move or travel beyond 50 miles if needed).
  • Accounts are periodically audited to ensure reasonable fees are being charged (fees may also may go DOWN).
  • Our agreements have the specific language to support the vast amount of inclusion in the fixed fee and also define the short list of items that are reasonably not part of the fixed fee.

Chicago MSP Cost Calculator Cost Estimator

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